This innocent looking boy was named by his mother after the infamous murderer John Dillinger. This boy cut his own mother with a machete, was a thief, sold his blood for a drink, and served time in the Texas prison system. At the last, a vow was made to Satan to possess his soul in exchange for power, sex, and money.


Mom- Heart of the home  

Dad- Head of the home    

Kids- Hope of the home

JESUS- Happiness of the home



Please listen to my wife's testimony:

If your not saved, or need prayer for your home, please feel free to write me.


Yours in CHRIST,

Brother Johnny & Sister Carleen Campbell

Shelbyville, Tennessee USA


Heaven or Hell:  On this earth, home can be a little Heaven (when all are saved); or it can be "Hell on earth" -- I know, as a child my home life was a type of Hell.

Only one place is found where the real you lives, and the real you is really known by those in the home. You might look like an angel at church, but the pitchfork and horns come out when you get home.

Memories can be good or bad. I have seen grown men weep when they thought of their home life. Some people have fond memories of their mom and dad who loved each other deeply. The children knew that mom and dad loved each other. Children know when you are a phony.

I have held weeping men as they remembered seeing things in their homes that were very terrible. They would vomit from the emotional scares of their upbringing. There are some scars and stains of sin that linger under the surface. Then like a junkie having a flashback, they gnaw at your mind and you have to plead the Blood of CHRIST. I have experienced these scars and stains myself....

Essentials of Happiness:  In the home, GOD desires folks to be saved. The parents are to teach their children that the way to happiness is not money or fame. Look again at Proverbs 15:6: "The Revenues of the wicked IS TROUBLE."

Happiness is in the Lord Jesus Christ!

   Some "Jezebel Mamas" think that if their daughter just marries the town Romeo, their babies will be a successful in their homes. What a joke! Mama, your daughter will wind up pregnant, living with you or living in government housing and using food stamps. Oh, you might be big down at the church, but you're a flop in the home because you didn't show your baby that CHRIST is essential to Salvation. Your children need a good dependent Baptist Church, where they will get the devil preached out of them.


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